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Wanda Maximoff | Pietro lives AU \(^u^)/

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[It was two weeks after Ultron had reduced the city of Sokovia, their city, to rubble, levitating their home miles in the sky with the goal of bringing about another extension level event. An event that Pietro and his sister had played a part in almost helping come about. If it had not been for Wanda's abilities and Ultron's obsession with achieving a perfect body, they might never have realized his true goal until it was far too late. Thankfully, the twins had not only managed to cut ties with the genocidal robot, but they'd also fought back. They chose to side with the Avengers, a group of individuals they'd once thought enemies, and, in a final confrontation with Ultron, they'd defeated the mechanical monster. Still, their victory had come with a cost. Sokovia was gone. There was nowhere for Wanda and him to go back to.]

[Somehow, Rogers managed to convince the rest of the Avengers to take the twins in and train them. Barton had also spoke up to vouch for the two of them. Even though they'd each shown their strength and willingness to protect innocents in their clash with Ultron, there naturally was still some bad blood between the twins and a few of the other Avengers. Stark chiefly of all. Still with Thor returning home to Asgard, and Banner having disappeared to who knows where, the Avengers were short on staff. Not to mention Barton had also decided to retire, having missed out on too much family life already. By that point, there was little more the others could say in opposition. They needed the help, and the twins' abilities would naturally give the Avengers a huge boost in strength. Not to mention, Rogers likely felt it was easier to keep an eye on the two of them, rather than to just let them go off on their own.]

[And so now here they were. Pietro and his sister flying in the Avengers' jet back to their compound which would presumably become their new home and training grounds. Pietro was already feeling antsy from being in such a confined space as the jet's interior, and the fact that he still had misgivings about this arrangement were not helping. His restless legs bobbing up and down repeatedly as he sat there. Looking from the pilots at the front of the jet to his sister sitting next to him, he nudges her gently with an elbow and, in a tone low enough for just the two of them to hear, asked her once again:]

Are you sure you want to do this? Become "Avengers?"
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[She smiles wryly as he nudges her, her expression equal parts grim and weary. So much has happened so quickly, and they've suddenly found themselves on the opposite side of the battle they'd originally intended to fight-- but she was confident that this was the right choice, whatever doubts might have occurred to her otherwise.]

What other choice do we have?

[The smile fades, mirthless as it had been, and her gaze travels forward once more, looking ahead of them towards the rest of the jet's 'crew.']

Our home is gone. To atone for what we did, the part we played... to keep the same thing from happening to someone else's home, we must do this.
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[Pietro's mouth is a thin line, as he slowly gives a nod in reluctant agreement. He knows she's right. She pretty much always is. Still, all of this just was feeling a little off to him. Yes, they had been on the wrong side of this conflict at first. He does not deny this. He just wasn't too keen on the idea of going to work for another organization that could very well put them both through more tests and experiments like the guinea pigs Hydra had used them as.]

You're right, you're right.

But do we really need to stay with them to "atone?" We've always been able to depend on each other to get by. We could just leave them behind, and find our own way to make amends.

[It had always been them together, the two of them against the world. They were each all the other had left in the world, and Pietro would do anything to see his little sister kept safe. He wouldn't let her go back inside a box.]