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→ Choose a character from someone on this list of active characters!
→ Comment with their name in the subject and leave a starter, prompt or picture.
→ ???
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How to play:
① Tag in with your name/series/preferences.
② Go to RNG and roll 1-10. That's your scenario! (Alternatively, just pick whichever one you want.)
③ Tag around!
④ Have fun. :)


ACCIDENTAL. Did someone shove you on the subway? Were you standing too close and did one of you trip? Oops, this is awkward!
PASSIONATE. You love this person so much that it's impossible to hold yourself in check any more!
GENTLE. They knew it was coming, you knew it was too late to back out. Trouble is, you're having a lot of FEELINGS.
GIGGLY. How are you supposed to kiss them when neither of you can stop laughing?
SMOOTH. You couldn't have been smoother with that smooch if you were whisked with fruit, dashed with milk and served over the counter.
DANGEROUS. This really isn't the time to be getting romantic! If it goes wrong, you can always blame the adrenaline, right? Right.
SAD. Remember: a wet kiss is a memorable kiss, even if it isn't a good one.
TEASING. The tables have turned: this time, they will be the one left wanting more.
PAINFUL. Clinked teeth? Banged foreheads? Well done, Romeo, now you both share the same sore distraction.
LINGERING. You just ... can't ... stop. Uh oh.

(borrowed from [community profile] bakerstreet!)